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– Sats Solanki aka the Digital Rabbi

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Are you a church leader who is struggling to navigate the many changes to your job role in the Digital Age?

Not so long ago, leading a local church was mostly about preaching the word of God, making disciples and caring for a congregation.

But somehow now the role of a church leader feels more like this:

Social Media Strategy
YouTube Analytics
Pastoral care

It’s hard to imagine Timothy wrestling with what the church in Ephesus should post on Instagram. Or Paul trying to decipher the algorithm in order to reach more people online. And yet this is exactly where many church leaders find themselves today.

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Work with the Digital Rabbi if:

You're overwhelmed with the endless opportunities of digital ministry

You keep changing your social media strategy but it's still not working

You're wondering how digital ministry can work for your church context

You're struggling to get traction online

You're not sure how online integrates with offline church

Your team have great heart but limited digital skills

My name is Sats Solanki aka the Digital Rabbi and I’m here to help

  • I understand the unique challenges and pressures of leading a church as a local church pastor in London, UK.
  • I’ve spent many years volunteering in creative capacities within the church including leading worship, graphic design, video editing & social media.
  • I have an experienced background in marketing including working with big brands such as NESCAFÉ, KIA & KITKAT.

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Just wanted to say a big thanks for the training last week. I know they found it hugely helpful – they’ve both learnt so much from you, and are very grateful. Thank you so much for putting that all together.

Sats, my friend! So grateful to you for last week, thanks so much for all you did to make it possible. Absolutely loved your session. Top value. Thank you very much indeed.

Oh. My. Word. What a word!! Just watched your message back… So what we needed to hear as a church. THANK YOU!!

Yo bro, I just have to say thank you. I finally got the ball rolling. I was dragging my feet and life woke me up 😂 I’ve launched the website, have a new logo, and have merch set up. Also working on the course. Idk everything just clicked for me in my head. What I wanted the brand to look like, from the logo to the fashion, it just clicked. Thank you for helping me find that.

Our goal as a church was to get an understanding of the practical steps we need to take to implement an effective strategy for the newcomers’ experience.  From our meeting with Sats, we left with an understanding that having a process in place is beneficial for the visitors and the Church too. Great service was provided, great content was provided and opened our minds to innovative ideas.

Sats knows his stuff and he cares about your success. Working with Sats you know you’ll get a listening ear, a great eye, up-to-the-minute knowledge, a big dose of creativity, and an understanding of how to bring content that’s both on-trend and hitting where you’re at – all delivered with fun and attention to detail. Couldn’t be happier.

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