Practice the Presence of God

It’s not like God goes anywhere. He’s always present. And yet we don’t always experience his presence.

We must practice and learn the art of entering into the presence of God.

Otherwise how can we lead others there?

Teach People How

As a worship leader, there is (or should be) a reason why you’ve been given the responsibility of leading people.

We are never to be irritated or frustrated that people don’t engage in worship. Instead we should teach them how. That’s why you’re there of course.

Be strategic about using moments throughout a worship service to invite and teach people how they can connect with God.

It needs to be done swiftly and succinctly though rather than long verbal essays.

Read The Room

Context is everything. Leading a small group with an acoustic guitar is different to an epic youth conference.

No need to force anything into being. Gently lead people towards Jesus in the context you are in.

Some of the most powerful moments can be experienced if we can simply fix our eyes on Jesus. Use and embrace the atmosphere you have.

Get Rid Of Distractions

You fumbling over the words is a distraction. You playing the wrong chords is a distraction. You looking grumpy is a distraction. Changing the key of a song in the soundcheck is going to create some potential distractions. And so on.

Leadership begins with preparation. Most of worship leading is actually rather unglamorous. So do the BTS (Behind The Scenes) well.

Embrace The Awkwardness

Don’t feel like you have to rush straight into the next thing. And don’t feel so tied to the schedule that you begin to worship it (instead of God lol).

If you feel the Holy Spirit doing something, go with it. Even if it’s a bit awkward.

Pause. Wait. Listen. Stop.

God is found in the gaps.

Actually Worship

Get lost in the moment. Lose yourself in the presence of God. Cast your cares onto him. Don’t simply try to be authentic. Actually love Jesus.

Grow Your Skill

Playing guitar is hard. Singing and playing guitar is even harder. Singing and playing guitar and leading people into worship is still even harder.

If you’re not good enough to do the base layers without thinking (like when you drive a car), your mind is distracted by technicalities and you will struggle to focus on what the Holy Spirit is doing.

Discipline yourself to get better.

Empower The Team

Imagine what could happen when every person on team aligns their heart, soul, mind and strength to worship Jesus.

Everybody involved is leading worship, not just those leading songs or visible at the front. God loves unity and alignment. Working hard to encourage the gift of others is the work no one sees but has a huge impact on the future.

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