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Tired of seeing zero results from trying to reach people online?

Learn how to escape the content creation treadmill and create genuine online impact. (Even if creativity isn’t your strength or you don’t have a huge following).

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This Free Live Training Reveals My...

Online Impact Blueprint™

A roadmap for social media success distilled from a wealth of experience creating thousands of pieces of content.

Step 1 | Operation Attention

The #1 reason no one knows you exist (and how to change that)

Step 2 | Algorithm Mastery

Get social media to start working for you not against you

Step 3 | Maximise Connection

Nurture and enjoy lasting relationships with tangible wins

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You know you're in the right place because...

You want to leverage the power of social media for your church or business WITHOUT losing your soul in the process.

You struggle to understand how to integrate online reach with in-person impact.

You're tired of trying tips and tricks that require a LOT of energy but don't seem to bring much actual fruit.

The big problem:

Being a church leader or business owner AND trying to wrap your head around social media strategy isn’t easy.

The digital space is constantly shifting and it feels impossible to keep up. By the time you’ve figured out the next thing, it’s too late! Plus it’s not like you don’t have other things to do 😅

What if you could...

Figure out how to consistently reach people online through social media and grow your church. This free live training will help you do exactly that.

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My name is Sats Solanki aka the Digital Rabbi and I’m here to help

I understand the unique challenges and pressures of leading a church as a local church pastor in London, UK.

I’ve spent many years volunteering in creative capacities within the church including leading worship, graphic design, video editing & social media.

I have an experienced background in business marketing including working with big brands such as NESCAFÉ, KIA & KITKAT.

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This is a brand new training but here are some testimonials from clients I've worked with before.

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the training last week. I know they found it hugely helpful – they’ve both learnt so much from you, and are very grateful. Thank you so much for putting that all together.
– Paul Rigby, Zeo Church

Sats, my friend! So grateful to you for last week, thanks so much for all you did to make it possible. Absolutely loved your session. Top value. Thank you very much indeed.
– Rev Matt Hogg, Stronger Network

Oh. My. Word. What a word!! Just watched your message back… So what we needed to hear as a church. THANK YOU!!
– Jonny Pettman, Liberty Church London

Yo bro, I just have to say thank you. I finally got the ball rolling. I was dragging my feet and life woke me up 😂 I’ve launched the website, have a new logo, and have merch set up. Also working on the course. Idk everything just clicked for me in my head. What I wanted the brand to look like, from the logo to the fashion, it just clicked. Thank you for helping me find that.
– SJ The Artisan

Our goal as a church was to get an understanding of the practical steps we need to take to implement an effective strategy for the newcomers’ experience. From our meeting with Sats, we left with an understanding that having a process in place is beneficial for the visitors and the Church too. Great service was provided, great content was provided and opened our minds to innovative ideas.
– Samantha Danso, Grace Innovation Church

If you’re looking for someone to help you with your branding, your website or your social media, we can’t recommend Sats enough to you.
– Jez Davey, Love Caerphilly

I've literally created thousands of pieces of content and made every mistake there is to make (so you don't have to). I'd love to share with you what I've learnt about reaching people online.

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