The last couple of years have been an interesting time for us all. Many churches closed in-person gatherings and just as many leaders had to learn the awkward art of preaching to the cold face of a machine.

(YouTubers, we’re learning from you!)

There was much to learn all round but for me the most valuable lesson was found in the opportunity to take some time and space to truly reflect.

In that time, I made some substantial yet subtle changes to the way I communicate as a preacher.

Here are six things I’ve changed about the way I preach.

1. Choosing the right topic (even if it sounds boring)

I’ve spent less time thinking about how to attract interest (although that’s still helpful to do) and more time thinking about what people specifically need in the season.

E.g. I preached on living a quiet life recently (lol who wants that…and yet it turns out everyone does deep down).

2. Letting the word speak for itself

I’ve felt less need to dart about to pull intricate (and sometimes disjointed) thoughts together. Instead I’ve let the actual scripture speak more from the context it was written – often in greater chunks.

3. Resisting the urge to add more

One of a preacher’s greatest fears is running out of things to say but this has literally never happened and never will happen lol.

We must be content knowing that each preach accomplishes something specific. We don’t have to nail everything in a single 30 minute slot. Go deep and narrow instead of wide and shallow.

4. Adding more ministry and less wow

How awesome I feel is rarely an indicator of how God is touching a human heart. More space to breathe and let the Holy spirit minister is worth a thousand of my wonderful quips (although they are very wonderful).

5. Searching for obedience instead of response

Being obedient to delivering the word God has for the people is what matters. How people respond doesn’t.

Focus on faith over affirmation. Online was an amazing reset in that there is zero response. And let’s face it we were all getting tired of the chat.

6. Feeling ok about what the Bible actually says

Much of God’s word is deeply contrary to the culture we live in today. It’s challenging and in its very nature deeply offensive to many.

Let’s preach it anyways.

We’ve done recent series on big topics like hell, judgment and even sex. We need more than just grace messages and Christian success culture.

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