One of the interesting things that happens in today’s age is that many people have enough cultural knowledge of Christianity to think they know what Jesus actually taught.

And frequently that leads to a common opinion about what Christians should do and how they should treat others. Even from other Christians.

Here’s some examples:

Christianity should always be inclusive

God is love so he wouldn’t tell people how they should live

You need to be more accepting like Jesus was

Unless of course that’s not what Jesus actually taught...

One of my favourite Bible stories is this one time where Jesus is preaching as he often did. He said something challenging and pretty much most of the people there got up and left. (Read John 6:60-69).

Let’s look at what Jesus didn’t do.

1. Change his message.
2. Call them up the next day.
3. Chase them down and apologise.

Nah he legit turns to the guys who are still there and says this:

Are you going to leave too?

We Can Always Keep An Open Door

Of course we should always keep an open door so people who are genuinely seeking can experience Jesus.

But remember that the focus of Jesus was going deep with a few (not going shallow with many).

So stop trying to please everyone and start discipling those who are there.

In business, don’t worry about getting more clients – instead start serving the ones you have.

In life, don’t itch for more influence when you could be utilising the light you already have.

Spending too much time trying to include or reach those who don’t necessarily want to be in the picture often means we miss out on the very thing we’re supposed to be doing.

And that is our actual purpose – discipleship.

Blanket Inclusivity Is Overrated

Because although everyone is welcome but not everyone wants to be there.

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