Branding is all about making sure that people can easily remember who you are and connect with what you do.

It’s not just about logos, colours, fonts etc (although these are important ingredients). And it’s not just about looking cool.

But wait, does the church really need branding?

Perhaps the biggest criticism of the idea of branding in the church space is that it is showy or fake.

But branding isn’t about dressing yourself up to be something that you’re not but presenting and profiling who you really are.

Whether you're loving it or not, everyone knows McDonalds brand

Think about the famous golden arches from McDonalds. Even the very mention is conjuring up a very specific image complete with products, flavours and experiences (whether good or bad).

Branding brings clarity about who you are as a church

Whether you like McDonalds as a restaurant doesn’t matter. Because when who you are and what you do is clear, people can make a choice about whether they want to engage.

That’s the power of a brand.

We all know it's not about us anyways

Let’s be honest, as churches, we don’t really need to build a name for ourselves. Because we exist for the one name that is Jesus.

But we are the physical and tangible expression of Jesus on the earth today. So shouldn’t we want people to remember who we are and what we do?

Your next steps

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