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Running a creative business as a Christian is not for the faint hearted. And in the quest to carve out something profitable, meaningful and epic, it feels inevitable that we’ll eventually get stuck.

Naturally we assume that the problems and the solutions are practical. And you’d be right. But also wrong.

In actual fact, so much of what limits us as founders and business owners is related to our mindset. We don’t just need to see the next step, we need to figure out what’s stopping us from taking it.

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My three-step framework for helping Christian creative business owners


Creative business owners are excellent at starting new things. Constant activity often feels comfortable and familiar but it actually shields us from doing the necessary deep work to figure out our limiting mindsets.

So we keep getting stuck and never figure out why.


Now that we have a clear diagnosis, we can set the direction we will run in.

Clarity shows us what work matters most, what personal learning needs to take place and how to invest our time strategically.


Every great vision requires the right strategic work done with consistency. Our natural tendency to get bored easily often sabotages the very things we want most.

Holding you accountable to your dream is essential to making it into a reality.

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About the Digital Rabbi

Hi there, I’m Sats Solanki. As a church pastor and creative entrepreneur, I’ve been helping people unlock their own brand of genius for the last 17 years.

Now I help creative business owners supercharge their creativity and make more money doing what they love without losing their soul in the process.

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