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Latest blog post

How to create discipline

As I write this, I am celebrating a personal best when it comes to fitness. At the start of 2023, I set myself a goal to workout every single day.

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Why the church deserves our criticism

I have made a significant shift in the way I think and talk over the last few years about the church. But to frame this conversation, I must first give you a little background into me as a human being.

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You value the truth so let's cut to the chase

We all have the same amount of hours in the day. And yet how we use them varies dramatically. I used to explain away a lot of my frustration by telling myself I was busy. I just needed a little more time in the day.

But now I realise that was what I told myself to avoid confronting an uncomfortable reality.

I actually had more than enough time. The truth is that I was afraid. I didn’t have the courage to pursue the things I dreamed about. It felt safer to dream and imagine than to build and risk failure in the real world.

When I realised that, everything changed for me. I believe this change of mindset is a gift that needs to be shared with others.

I moved from dreaming about life to living my dream

I started working out every day and building the physical fitness I wanted (130 day streak + counting)

I started writing and releasing music. Check us out on Spotify here

I started building my personal brand and posting on Instagram every single day.

I started creating boundaries and standing up to bullies.

I started to talk about the things no one else was (but everyone was thinking about)

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