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Why no one sees your IG content

We’ve all been there. We’re inspired to get back on the content train so we jump on Instagram and fire out 11 reels, 5 carousels and 83 stories over 7 days and guess what happens? Yeah pretty much nothing.

16 hour days are for idiots

What the heck am I doing spending all this time working for someone else when I could slave away from day to night on my own projects.

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Your business life is your personal life

Hot take coming up. Can we really call someone successful if their personal life is in shambles?

This post is genuinely not about judging anyone. Life is complex and we can experience all sorts of hardship and pain when we least expect it.

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Why you keep working for free (and how to stop)

It's 2024 and it's time for you to stop doing free work. Now of course not all free work is bad. But let's be honest about why most of us actually do it. We do free work because we don't feel like we deserve to get paid for it.