About the Digital Rabbi

Hi there, I’m Sats Solanki. I’m the pastor of Reflect Church in London, UK. A few years ago I felt God wanted me to start using my experience as a creative and a pastor to help serve and encourage other creatives to pursue the dreams on their heart.

An eclectic origin story

I grew up in Nottingham, UK with an interesting mixture of cultures (my grandparents are from India, Mauritius and England). I was always interested in learning and creative exploits such as music.

Family life had its share of chaos and my parents split up as a result in my mid-teens. I left home at 17, spent a gap year working for Rolls-Royce, went to the University of Sheffield to study software engineering.

I was still processing a lot emotionally and subsequently dropped out and decided to start my first creative business at age 19 teaching music.

Sats is laughing because he's ice skating and is sporting a bright red mohawk
Sats sporting a red mohawk with a particularly rebellious phase in 2007
Sats is giving the thumbs up stood next to an unsuspecting sausage seller
Sats in Frankfurt, Germany next to an unsuspecting sausage seller in 2012

Creative opportunities galore

Around then I stumbled into church life (although I’d always grown up with faith) and got involved with leading, communicating and ministry. I met my wife, got married at 21 and moved to Frankfurt, Germany to help plant a church.

There I had the opportunity to do creative work with big brands such as NESCAFÉ, KITKAT & KIA and built a successful freelancing business providing video, design, copy and social media services.

New beginnings (and painful endings)

During the pandemic, the multi-site church that I’d spent my whole adult life being a part of imploded for a plethora of not very nice reasons. After much reflection, in 2021 (with our family of four kids), we decided to plant Reflect Church in London with two locations in the Docklands and Balham.

I began to consolidate my creative experience and start building a personal brand and coaching business (aka Digital Rabbi).

Sats holds a microphone in front of an audience in a light studio space
Our brand new church building at Reflect Church in 2023
Sats and Emma smile at the camera wearing stripes and a yellow t shirt.
A more recent selfie of Sats & Em

When I'm not the Digital Rabbi

You will most likely find me spending time with my family. My four kids prefer me to be playing Minecraft or wrestling with them. My wife likes me to be brewing artisan coffee or cooking Indian food. I also love chess, single malt whiskey, good books and am partial to the odd hipster houseplant.

Keep me away from the following

I’m not a fan of jobsworths, unnecessary forms or dodgy church leaders. I could also live without Brussels sprouts.