Burnout is optional. Grow your business income without working 16 hour days.

My services are designed for Christian creatives like you who run a business.

  • Make a shed load more money (guilt free)
  • Attract high-paying clients who don’t take advantage of your generosity
  • Bulletproof your emotional health and never burnout
  • Stop working 16 hour days, slow down and spend quality time with the people you love
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What creatives say about the Digital Rabbi

“Sats, with patience and knowledge and humour, guided me towards my goals. He has great insight, often noticing things about me that I hadn’t noticed myself. Highly recommended.”

– E, Author

“Hi Sats, just wanted to reach out and say thanks. Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and put myself out there on video! The post was more popular than any of the others where I’ve hidden behind a Canva image 😂 I then approached a local health food store who have offered to stock my products! You gave me the push i needed, thanks a million x”

Samantha Wells, Entrepreneur

“Yo bro, I just have to say thank you. I finally got the ball rolling. I was dragging my feet and life woke me up 😂 I’ve launched the website, have a new logo, and have merch set up. Also working on the course. Idk everything just clicked for me in my head. What I wanted the brand to look like, from the logo to the fashion, it just clicked. Thank you for helping me find that.”

SJ The Artisan, Artist

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for the training last week. I know they found it hugely helpful – they’ve both learnt so much from you, and are very grateful. Thank you so much for putting that all together.”

Paul Rigby, Creative Director

Say good bye to hustle culture hype

Slow is the new fast

We live in a world full of false promises. Get rich quick. Epic abs in 30 days etc. But deep down we all know that everything permanent takes time to build.

And if we try to cheat the process, we’ll inevitably compromise something important – our health.

This is why so many creatives are burning out. We lack patience. But money won’t mean much to us if we’re sick, dead or worse.

The Bible tells us that it’s with faith AND patience that we inherit the promises of God.

If you want to build something healthy that lasts, you need to be patient and invest in the long-term. That’s exactly what I’m offering you.

I want to invest in your long-term business success by helping you develop:

  • Winning mindsets that are based on a spiritual revelation (not made up nonsense affirmations)
  • Healthy rhythms that take you out of your comfort zone without sacrificing your soul
  • Next-level confidence that will cause you to make your own way prosper (see Joshua 1)

This coaching programme is for hungry Christian creative business owners who are ready to take action and are committed to the long game.

(Side note: if you’re not a Christian but you’re open to Christian teaching then this may also work for you but I want to be fully transparent about how central this aspect is to the programme).

You’re already generating business income but you’re struggling with working too much to keep the growth happening. Sats will challenge your assumptions, help clarify your goals and hold you accountable to doing the necessary work to make more money without giving into hustle culture.


  • Monthly 60 minute strategy calls with Sats
  • WhatsApp accountability + access to Sats (Mon-Fri)
  • Six-month business coaching programme
  • Holistic perspective covering all things spiritual, psychological + practical
  • 17 years of creative leadership & pastoral insights

“Sats, with patience and knowledge and humour, guided me towards my goals. He has great insight, often noticing things about me that I hadn’t noticed myself. Highly recommended.”
– E, Recent Client

This is for you if you are:

  • You’re a Christian creative already running a business who wants to work with higher paying clients
  • You want to make more money but in a healthy way (without burning out)
  • You’re looking for someone to keep you accountable and help you with business strategy
  • You have big dreams and you’re willing to work hard

You must have certain spiritual & creative qualities to be able to apply to this programme. Coaching is about a mutual fit and is not for everyone. To register your interest to be considered for coaching, please book a call with the link below.

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