If you could figure out how to reach more people online and raise up more disciples of Jesus.

How would your church change?How would your life change?

My services are all designed around helping church leaders & teams like you:

⚡️Reach the people God is calling you to⚡️Increase Sunday + mid-week attendance⚡️Make disciples + grow the church⚡️Increase giving + commitment

Insta Reboot 📲

You’re a busy church leader and you know you need to do something with Instagram. You also know that your Instagram profile is not where it needs to be. So how about this…

Let the Digital Rabbi handle all of your social strategy & content creation on Instagram for the next 30 days with this bespoke social media management package.

As part of this service you will get:

✅One 60 minute strategy call with Sats to set the direction
✅Content creation including:
      ✅Design (including upcoming events)
      ✅Video (think preach clips)
      ✅Copywriting (I’ll write winning captions and CTAs)
      ✅Scheduling (so you don’t even have to lift a finger)
✅Insta profile set up + transformation (a complete facelift including highlights design)
✅Engagement boosting stories
✅WhatsApp access to Sats
✅Anything else it takes

Insta Reboot has limited places available and costs £499. DM Sats on Instagram to enquire @satssolanki

This is perfect for you if...

⚡️You don’t have much time
⚡️You care about visual aesthetic
⚡️You want to show your team what’s possible
⚡️You want to start reaching people online
⚡️You want to see quick results
⚡️You want to supercharge growth
⚡️The algorithm doesn’t like you at the moment

1:1 Coaching ✍️

Highly-effective leaders understand that getting to the next level is a team game. We all have limitations and 1:1 coaching has a unique place in helping us overcome blind spots in our leadership and strategy.

Whether you’re planting a church for the first time or you’ve been in ministry for decades. I’m here to help you maximise your goals and church growth.

Minimum investment is £250. DM Sats on Instagram to find out more @satssolanki

Is private coaching for you?

⚡️You care about building for the future
⚡️You want to grow your church but feel stuck
⚡️You’re not sure where to start with online tools
⚡️You have hit a digital plateau
⚡️You’re ready to do the work required to grow

Join my online video training - it's a free learning opportunity for action takers

I know this content will empower you to take control of the present digital opportunity and dramatically move your mission forward 💪

You will learn more than just tips, tricks and hacks but gain a deep and holistic understanding of How To Supercharge Your Instagram + Grow The Church (Without Losing Your Soul).

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