Get my complete sales + marketing process I teach to paying clients (14-page PDF download)

If you’re a Christian creative working in fields like design, video, photography, websites etc then this is for you. Just let me know where to send it by filling in the form below.

A complete sales and marketing process that works in one neat 14-page PDF

Every business needs to make a profit otherwise it will cease to exist. And the way we make money is by selling.

In this guide is my complete sales process that I teach to paying clients who want to grow a profitable creative business.

We’ll cover five simple steps:

1. Switch on desire
2. Kill the competition
3. Talk to people innit
4. Create an offer that’s actually good
5. Tell people you exist

This is an incredibly simple process but don’t forget there is a difference between simple and easy. There is plenty of hard work involved but if you commit to the process (most people don’t) then you can create a thriving creative business.

Cheering you on,

Sats aka the Digital Rabbi

Sats Solanki

What creatives say about the Digital Rabbi

“Hi Sats, just wanted to reach out and say thanks. Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and put myself out there on video! The post was more popular than any of the others where I’ve hidden behind a Canva image 😂 I then approached a local health food store who have offered to stock my products! You gave me the push i needed, thanks a million x”

Samantha Wells, Entrepreneur