Global Church: Hidden Gems Case Study

An innovative digital campaign to reach university students during Freshers week.

About Global Church

Global Church is a growing multi-site church with locations across the UK. Led by Ps Dave & Shelley Shore and based out of York, their vision is to be a global church with a local presence, taking people on a journey of belonging, believing and becoming.

After some initial work on establishing branding values, identity & website creation, I was able to help Global Church with an innovative digital campaign to reach university students during freshers week.

Freshers week is a significant time in the UK each year where students move to university and spend one week exploring, partying and making new friends. The heart of Global Church was to serve their city and with that desire, we crafted the Hidden Gems campaign to put a practical guide into the hands of students to help them settle in and feel at home.

Global Church Hidden Gems

The end goal was to serve and connect

Using the knowledge and expertise of the Global team, we crafted a deliciously designed PDF showcasing seven local hotspots that we knew the students would absolutely love to know about.

Right from start of this project, the intention was always to be helpful. But also we wanted to keep the conversation rolling. By creating a free product that people actually wanted, we were able to interact with hundreds of freshers. We gave them each a fantastic product in exchange for an email address.

The strategy was clear

We used social media + university channels to drive traffic through to a specially designed landing page. Approx 500 students gave us their email and downloaded the Hidden Gems PDF. This started an email conversation where we shared helpful blog content and ultimately an invite to an open church event.

We also designed corresponding flyers to match for the Global team to have a physical presence on campus.

Imagine what could happen with 500 email addresses of unchurched students who already have a positive impression of your church?

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