Did Jesus really say anything new? Most Christians would agree with the idea that Jesus came as some sort of radical revolutionary to overthrow religion and law and bring in a new era of grace and freedom.

But how can that really be the case when Jesus himself was not only a Jew but as Messiah is the ultimate fulfillment of what it means to be Jewish. Why would God spend so much time and energy fulfilling a covenant with the Jewish people if it is obsolete today?

I sat down with Rabbi Matt Rosenberg (Messianic Rabbi and author of Jesus Never Said Anything New) for an eye-opening conversation to learn more about the Jewishness of Jesus and the importance of understanding the context in which the scriptures were written. I think you’ll find it helpful and insightful.

(My apologies for my audio quality in this episode as I accidentally recorded with the wrong mic. Luckily you’ll still get to hear all of the crystal clear wisdom from Rabbi Matt Rosenberg ;-))

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