14: Andy Waddams on Being Funny, Practising Honest Leadership & Communicating Deeply

Andy Waddams is the Senior Pastor of C3 Gallery Church in Birmingham and brings plenty of experience communicating in the church and comedy space. We sit down to talk about how he sees the role of comedy in preaching and how to authentically connect better in life and leadership.

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13: Maarten Rozeboom on Recovering From Burnout and Finding Your True Creative Self

Maarten Rozeboom is full of creative talent and serves as part of the leadership team at C3 Rivers in the Netherlands as well as running his own design business. We sit down to talk about his journey of recovering from burnout and rediscovering his true creative self.

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Man at table with empty coffee cup using laptop to search on Google

Boost your social proof with Google Maps

Imagine the scene – you’re new to the city and looking for a church. Or you’ve been learning about faith online and you’re exploring the idea of going to church. You have a quick Google search for churches in your area and see the following reviews pop up.

Average Google Review
Positive Google Review

Which church are you going to go for? Well of course the second one for obvious reasons. There are more reviews (33 vs 4) and fewer bad reviews.

Once upon a time...

Before the internet, if you wanted to go to a new restaurant or place you’d have to ask your friends for recommendations. And whilst that is still incredibly powerful, we can now access these sort of recommendations in just seconds thanks to smartphones.

What’s important to note is that when people search on Google, these results are often connected to business listings on Google Maps. Meaning the easiest way to get your church to show up to people in your area is to make sure your Google Maps listing is strong.

(Interested in strengthening your church presence further? Check out this article on why churches need branding).

Get started with your Google Business Profile

Our first step is to create your free Business Profile with Google. You may already have a listing for your church but do you manage it?

Head to https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/business to do this. It’s a fairly easy and intuitive process.

In the process, you’ll also want to verify your business. This will cause your listing to show higher up in the search and allow you to be in full control of what you share.

Google will send you a postcard with a verification code to your business address to check you are actually there and then you can use this verification code on your business listing.

If you’re in rented facilities or a temporary venue, it’s still worth doing this and in my experience most venues don’t mind at all as it’s helping profile their location.

There is plenty you can do with your Google Business Profile but I would suggest starting with the following:

1. Update your details

Make sure all of your details are up to date. Think address, website, opening times etc. It’s too easy not to get right so make sure you do.

2. Upload photos

Upload as many photos as possible that capture who you are and what you do. Don’t just upload fancy stage shots (although that’s cool too). Make sure you include photos of people who actually go to your church. Children & families (with permission of course), young adults and so on. Think coffees and conversation.

Try to look through the lens of someone who doesn’t know what to expect – what would they like to see? (This is a key part of the process of branding for your church). It’s definitely worth investing in professional photography as these images will literally get thousands of views but the most important thing is to upload something and get started where you are right now.

3. Ask for reviews

Ask your congregation to leave reviews that are genuine, honest and specific. Most people won’t think at all to do this but this is the real power of social proof. You will have to ask people regularly (try an email that explains how helpful it would be). Make sure these reviews aren’t at all fake or too glossy as you can see through them a mile off. You can also reply to each review through your Google Business Profile.

Here’s how you might frame it in a church-wide email:

“Would you be able to help us reach more people by leaving a review on Google? It’s so helpful for new visitors to be able to see what church is like and hear from the community before eve they come. Every review helps to remove any barriers someone might have about coming to church. Please do keep it honest, genuine and specific – the link is below!”

The important thing with Google Maps is simply to get started. Users like to see reviews spanning over time as it looks more organic so include this as a regular part of church life and communication.

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The Sticky Social Content Formula

A comprehensive online course for church leaders & teams exploring how to leverage social media to help fulfil their mission. This is all about learning how to reach more people and see more impact in the digital space. Get your digital copy today.

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12: Rich Martin on Being Led by the Holy Spirit and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Rich Martin has a rich history of church leadership & ministry but recently felt the call to step out into the world of business. Find out about his take on the shift from church to kingdom as well as how to follow the invitation of the Holy Spirit and have the courage to try something new.

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00:00 Intro
1:00 About Rich Martin
2:20 Glorify App
5:35 A story of sleep
6:20 The removal of choice
7:30 The world is changing
8:35 Technology is on trend
9:20 Church vs kingdom
11:55 Pay attention to the shift
12:35 Advice for church leaders
14:00 Rethinking church culture
16:30 The calling to business
19:00 Unhooking from the chain of church
20:25 Holy Spirit, what are you inviting me to do today? 
22:30 Your gifts match your purpose
27:00 A season of uncertainty
28:00 Narrowing down your focus
29:30 The gift of age
31:00 Just start something
32:45 Every person brings something unique
34:00 The awkwardness of personal brand
36:00 Getting over yourself
38:30 Internal permission
39:10 God, money & ego
41:50 Keeping things pure
42:20 Be courageous
43:20 Outro

Vicki Simpson

11: Vicki Simpson on Hearing the Voice of God and Leading Through Global Change

In 2018, Vicki Simpson had a prophetic picture of a rubik’s cube in the hands of Jesus, representing a sudden global change in the church and the world. Little did she know the events that were coming swiftly to us all in 2020 and beyond. We talk about the emergence of the hyper-local church context, what God is up to globally in the church, hearing the voice of God and the emergence of a new group of people disenfranchised with the institution of the church.

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► RUBIK’S CUBE FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ZgkWhA_2XZA
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A practical guide complete with video lessons, for leaders who want to use social media to help them in their mission to reach more people.

0:00 Welcome
1:50 The Rubik’s Cube
3:45 Relinquish control
4:45 The need to pivot
6:10 There is structure but not as we’ve known it
6:55 Never presume with prophecy
7:50 Leaders are thinking and reassessing
8:45 The church is on the road to Emmaus
10:20 Get out of the stage of conversing and reasoning
11:00 There is good and bad in the digital space
11:40 The answers are found in God’s perspective
13:00 Change comes when we let go of control
14:30 Why is it so hard to follow?
15:20 There is no following without the voice of God
17:00 None of us has been this way before
18:30 The church has been too happy with its bones and structure
21:10 How do we know prophecy is from God?
22:30 It’s easy to hear the voice of God
24:45 You hear God in your spirit
25:50 Prophecy is not a perfect science
28:30 How to lead people with what God is saying
30:20 Always be humble
31:30 A shift in leadership
34:00 There is a new category of people
35:40 Re-enfranchising and restoration of citizenship
39:30 The importance of the church is in the things that you cannot get online
40:50 The best and worst of seasons
43:30 Connect with Vicki
44:00 Close

Joel Burden - Hope City KL

10: Joel Burden on How to Build a Culture of Creativity

Hyper efficient leadership can cause people to focus on practicals over creative expression whilst an over-zealous attention to beauty and detail can damage people in the process of creation. I sit down with Joel Burden, creative business owner and church leader to chat more about how to build a culture of creativity the right way.

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A practical guide complete with video lessons, for leaders who want to use social media to help them in their mission to reach more people.

0:00 Intro
2:15 Margin for creative play
4:00 The curse of artistry
4:20 The paradox of pressure
5:25 Balancing creativity and efficiency
9:00 The intangible impact of beauty
10:30 Truth, goodness & beauty
11:40 The presence of peace
13:05 Understanding a lifestyle of minimalism
14:25 The idol with efficient leadership
15:15 Compassion, community & creativity
18:30 Order vs chaos
20:10 Releasing a culture of creativity
21:30 The need for boundaries
23:15 Understand the rules and then break them
24:15 How the business started
26:35 Ministering to business owners
28:10 Check out CloudCut
29:15 Keep talking about digital
31:15 The Sticky Social Content Formula

Citi - Create Tomorrow

Create Tomorrow was an internal campaign ran by Citi to foster innovation over five weeks with their 20,000 employees. The programme included speakers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Rory Sutherland & Rana El Kaliouby I created some preliminary designs to help define style and mood for internal social posts and advertisement.

TribeShake Social Content

If we’re going to spend 90,000 hours of our lives at work, shouldn’t it be a little more fun? TribeShake is an innovative experience platform for teams, all about making work better for everyone and to help startups create work tribes. Work tribes are teams that don’t just do more, they become more – more connected, more creative, more calm & more fun!

I worked with TribeShake to create a range of social content including video teasers, helpful PDF downloads, Instagram posts, memes and more.

NESCAFÉ Redvolution

NESCAFÉ’s REDvolution was about every single NESCAFÉ product sharing the same visual identity and coming under the slogan: ‘It all starts with a NESCAFÉ’. Below are some posts used on their Facebook & Twitter channels in which I was responsible for idea creation and copywriting.

Agency: Ogilvy One

More information at: https://www.nestle.com/media/news/nescafe-redvolution

KIA Heartbeat

I produced several internal teaser videos to visualise a new logo and rethink design concepts for KIA. This included a series of heartbeat style animations and helped push through the beginning stages of a new logo.

Read more at: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a26699999/why-kia-should-adopt-new-logo