11: Vicki Simpson on Hearing the Voice of God and Leading Through Global Change

In 2018, Vicki Simpson had a prophetic picture of a rubik’s cube in the hands of Jesus, representing a sudden global change in the church and the world. Little did she know the events that were coming swiftly to us all in 2020 and beyond. We talk about the emergence of the hyper-local church context, what God is up to globally in the church, hearing the voice of God and the emergence of a new group of people disenfranchised with the institution of the church.

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A practical guide complete with video lessons, for leaders who want to use social media to help them in their mission to reach more people.

0:00 Welcome
1:50 The Rubik’s Cube
3:45 Relinquish control
4:45 The need to pivot
6:10 There is structure but not as we’ve known it
6:55 Never presume with prophecy
7:50 Leaders are thinking and reassessing
8:45 The church is on the road to Emmaus
10:20 Get out of the stage of conversing and reasoning
11:00 There is good and bad in the digital space
11:40 The answers are found in God’s perspective
13:00 Change comes when we let go of control
14:30 Why is it so hard to follow?
15:20 There is no following without the voice of God
17:00 None of us has been this way before
18:30 The church has been too happy with its bones and structure
21:10 How do we know prophecy is from God?
22:30 It’s easy to hear the voice of God
24:45 You hear God in your spirit
25:50 Prophecy is not a perfect science
28:30 How to lead people with what God is saying
30:20 Always be humble
31:30 A shift in leadership
34:00 There is a new category of people
35:40 Re-enfranchising and restoration of citizenship
39:30 The importance of the church is in the things that you cannot get online
40:50 The best and worst of seasons
43:30 Connect with Vicki
44:00 Close