12: Rich Martin on Being Led by the Holy Spirit and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Rich Martin has a rich history of church leadership & ministry but recently felt the call to step out into the world of business. Find out about his take on the shift from church to kingdom as well as how to follow the invitation of the Holy Spirit and have the courage to try something new.

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00:00 Intro
1:00 About Rich Martin
2:20 Glorify App
5:35 A story of sleep
6:20 The removal of choice
7:30 The world is changing
8:35 Technology is on trend
9:20 Church vs kingdom
11:55 Pay attention to the shift
12:35 Advice for church leaders
14:00 Rethinking church culture
16:30 The calling to business
19:00 Unhooking from the chain of church
20:25 Holy Spirit, what are you inviting me to do today? 
22:30 Your gifts match your purpose
27:00 A season of uncertainty
28:00 Narrowing down your focus
29:30 The gift of age
31:00 Just start something
32:45 Every person brings something unique
34:00 The awkwardness of personal brand
36:00 Getting over yourself
38:30 Internal permission
39:10 God, money & ego
41:50 Keeping things pure
42:20 Be courageous
43:20 Outro