Kevin Loo - Collective KL

4: Kevin Loo on the Importance of Beauty, the Psychology of Rest & Mastering Creative Flow

This is a rich conversation with creative mastermind, pastor, entrepreneur and artist, Kevin Loo from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Is beauty important for the church today? How do we create healthy rhythms to maximise our creative output?

This will be helpful for creative church leaders who exist in a tension between church & other entrepreneurial outlets.


Mitch Hammond - C3 SYD

3: Mitch Hammond on Finding Your Voice in the Digital Space & Getting Over Yourself

Stepping up and into the online world is fairly awkward for most of us - even those we consider to be digitally proficient. And yet tremendous opportunity lies outside of our comfort zone as we occupy the space God is calling us into. Mitch Hammond (part of the ministry team at C3 SYD in Australia) shares his journey of finding his voice and owning his niche. Expect some rich insights for church leaders around how to navigate the tensions today's digital world brings.

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2: Why Church Leaders Need to Choose a Niche (Even if They're Trying to Reach Everyone)

It's not hard to want to reach everyone when you're a church because ultimately that's what Jesus told us to do. However we should also be honest about the reality that we can't reach everyone on our own. Every church is called to reach a different group of people - it's a team game.

Focus is about less not more and by choosing a niche and target audience to reach on social media, you'll find that creating content comes much easier for you and your team.

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1: How to Reach More People on Instagram & Stop Just Being a Content Machine

It's easy to get tired churning out content on Instagram. Particularly if it doesn't feel like it's reaching anyone. If you want to reach more people, you have to talk to more people. If it sounds simple, it's because it is.

Today we're talking super practical about how to reach more people with a proper engagement strategy. If you don't spend any time deliberately creating and nurturing conversations on Instagram then it's no wonder that you're not reaching the people you'd like to.

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